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Hi, I love wrecking my hole with large objects, and wearing buttplugs for hours. Check out my free videos at, search for GAB. I always want it deeper wider and harder. Make a request, ill do it. :) NSFW, if you're under 18 please leave

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switched from endless scrolling to having pages. now you can go back a year and a half to page 57 and see my ass get wrecked from the start

Gapinganalbuttplug's videos
Gapinganalbuttplug's videos

heres the link to my free vids :)

Anonymous asked:
HI! where are u from? what is the link ur xhamster account? nice blog!!!!

I’m from the USA. if you search for GAB my vids should appear, otherwise my username is gapinganalbuttplug. thanks and good luck finding them :)



new vids!

check out the newest videos I have on xhamster, I fist myself in one of them

My hole feels wrecked

My hole feels wrecked